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Our Judo Program

Judo's primary emphasis is to throw your opponent's back flat onto the ground with control, speed, and force. Once we have our opponent on the ground, we can then apply our jiu-jitsu strategy to control and submit them.

Our weekly Judo classes allow the students to learn traditional Judo techniques through repetitions and randoori (live sparring)

A class practicing Judo under a black belt at Daruma Dojo, Sunnyvale

Meet our Judo Team

Sensei Sevey Lee- Black Belt in Judo

Sevey Lee

Judo Instructor

Judo Black Belt

Sevey started training Judo at SJSU at the age of 18. He is a National Judo Referee, and hopes to referee at an international game. He is trying to pass his sommelier exam (ask him for wine recs). A self-proclaimed weeb, Sevey enjoys JoJos  Bizarre Adventure amongst other animes and mangas.


Joshua Carter

Kids Judo Instructor

Judo Black Belt

coming soon

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