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Daruma Dojo

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Self-Defense and Protection for Life

Daruma Dojo, nestled in the heart of downtown Sunnyvale, is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy celebrated for its welcoming, family-like atmosphere that caters to a diverse community. Whether you're fiercely competitive, aiming to excel in the sport, or simply seeking fun and engaging physical activity, Daruma Dojo offers a supportive environment for all. The academy's name draws inspiration from Daruma, a symbol of good luck and perseverance deeply rooted in Japanese culture, encapsulating the spirit of the proverb, "Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8." At Daruma Dojo, we live by this philosophy, fostering resilience and determination in our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo training, making it a place where every member is encouraged to rise above challenges and thrive.

What is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Originating as a Japanese martial art, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) was adapted into a new style in Brazil, focusing on grappling and ground techniques. This adaptation allows practitioners of any size to effectively defend themselves. Beyond physical skill, BJJ promotes mental resilience and community spirit, making it a fulfilling activity for health, self-defense, and social interaction.

Founder/Head Instructor


Prof. Alberto Juarez

Black belt, 3rd Degree

Alberto, founder of Daruma Dojo and 3rd degree blackbelt in Jiu-Jitsu under Ricardo Barros, also holds a Judo blackbelt from SJSU legend David Williams. Starting Jiu-Jitsu in 2003, he quickly discovered a passion for teaching, accumulating 20 years of experience in training both adults and children in martial arts.. With a BS in Kinesiology from SJSU, Alberto's expertise is grounded in deep technical knowledge and extensive practice.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Lineage

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Class Schedule


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Daruma Dojo Programs



Whether you want to learn self-defense, get in shape, or compete, we have a program for you to help you improve your overall health, build stamina and strength, gain confidence in your body and its abilities, and discover friendships and support within a social group community to help you thrive. We welcome all genders and people with special needs. We provide classes for adults in both Gi and No-Gi.

Fundamentals Program

Perfect for beginners, our 32-class Blueprint to Blue Belt Fundamentals curriculum focuses on the essential techniques of jiu-jitsu. Each week involves four sessions reserved for this agenda, in both Gi and No-Gi formats.

Beyond Fundamentals Program

These classes practice more advanced techniques. Geared towards more experienced practitioners, however, beginners are still welcome to attend.

Competition Training

Our BJJ competition training is designed for those looking to test their skills on a higher level, focusing on advanced techniques, strategic sparring, and mental preparation for tournaments



We equip your child with lasting skills: a healthy lifestyle, confidence, discipline, self-defense, problem-solving, and enhanced social skills, all in a SAFE and FUN setting! We also support students with special needs, focusing on social skills, concentration, body awareness, and fostering friendships within our community to help them thrive. Our kids classes are divided by age and skill level to allow everyone to develop at his/her own appropriate pace.

Junior BJJ ( 4 - 6 years old )

A unique blend of engaging, playful activities and Jiu-Jitsu techniques specially adapted for younger children, aiming to introduce Jiu-Jitsu in a fun, accessible way.

Youth BJJ ( 7 - 13 years old )

A child-centric program that enhances Jiu-Jitsu skills through challenging yet highly enjoyable exercises, fostering discipline, respect, and self-defense.

Honor Roll (7 - 13 years old)

An invitational-only program designed for students grey belt & above, and who embody the attitudes and expected behaviors to join. This class takes students' techniques to the next level through vigorous training and a deeper dive into advanced movements.



Judo primarily focuses on throwing your opponent onto the ground with control, speed, and force, aiming for a flat back landing. After bringing our opponent to the ground, we employ jiu-jitsu strategies to control and submit them.

Our weekly Judo classes teach students traditional Judo techniques via repeated practice and randori (live sparring).Our Judo classes are available on Fridays and Saturdays, offering a comprehensive training experience. For specific times and further details, please refer to our schedule sheet.

Womens' self defense (Open to public)


Jiu-Jitsu underscores the principle that through the right techniques and leverage, individuals can effectively protect themselves against larger and stronger adversaries, highlighting its potency as a self-defense tool.

Our weekly Women's Self-Defense Class, available to both members and non-members, aims to empower women in our community by equipping them with self-defense skills. By offering this specialized training, we aspire to encourage more women to embrace Jiu-Jitsu for personal safety and empowerment.

Our Coaches


548 S Murphy Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94086

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